Saturday, October 31, 2015

As with any new endeavor, I'm learning a little at a time about the blogging..have patience please!  Maybe it's time to post a few more pieces of art!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Kroger produce aisle lends a lot of inspiration!
MY LIFE..MY ART!  I hold a BS in Art Education from Longwood University in Virginia.  After graduation I taught art on elementary and secondary levels.  In 1981 I took off a few years to be with my two sons....Well, life got in the way.  When I tried to reenter as an art teacher , there were no jobs available.  Liking the great outdoors, I got a "job" as a letter carrier and stayed there for nearly 30 years till retirement!  And so, the journey begins.

I started taking art classes in Louisville to refine my skills.  In September 2015 I made a major leap by deciding to try selling some of my paintings on  Although it isn't going to make me a millionaire, it gives me encouragement and an avenue to travel toward my!  Having a blast doing it too!!