Friday, April 29, 2016

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When painter Cheryl Buhrman states that she appreciates the spontaneity she achieves with acrylic paint, it is easy to see the evidence in the loose brushwork in her most recent paintings. After years working with other mediums, primarily oils, this shift has resulted in work that seems fresh and exploratory.
In her artist’s statement, Buhrman explains: “Nature and mans relationship with his individual environment is what inspires me. I get lost in my own little world when painting a subject trying to depict ‘that special’ emotional quality I want to get across. My goal is to make the viewer ‘be there’" Such immediacy can be found in Buhrman’s study of a vintage automobile; the marks expressing vigorous energy and a suggestion of emotion that speaks to the period character of the vehicle.
Buhrman’s work will be featured in the fall 2016 Louisville Artisans Guild Holiday Showcase. In 2015 she was awarded 2nd Place in the American Pharaoh art contest presented by Triple Crown Dentistry, and has taught art for approximately seven years in Virginia and Kentucky on elementary and secondary levels.
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