Friday, April 29, 2016

Social media and Networking

Derby Week is upon us here in Louisville!  Not a lot of time to paint...but have camera will travel!!  Looking forward to getting some unforgettable shots for future reference.  Once again, thank you Artebella for featuring me...what a great site!!!  My blog has seen more activity in the last two days than the last two months.  I know I'm taking this in baby steps, but I can't say enough about how important social media is to us artists...It can take you all over the globe!  I'm still trying to do a lot of networking...Didn't have too much luck going to our local art shops with my Kentucky Derby cards...seems they all have their sources already!  BUT, onward and upward!  I'm not giving up!!!  New territory the week after Derby...NULU district?  hmmmm

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